JAST has released the fully animated Sisters: Last Day of Summer of both Steam and the JAST Store. Each scene was animated to keep you entwined in the store and all of the H- Scenes have been fully uncensored. Steam users will have to download a free patch for that version to be uncensored.

Here is more about the game from the JAST Store Page:


Waking up in an unfamiliar place, a boy finds himself in a house warmly embraced by nature’s touch. He isn’t alone; a woman and her two daughters, strangers but instantly welcoming, become his unexpected family. Quickly, he becomes part of their lives, sharing in laughter and the simple joys of daily life. Yet, a secret whispers from the heart of his new home.


With a clumsy mother like Akiko and her kind daughters Haruka and Chika, your new daily life will be different from what you were used to. Spend time and learn more about your new family, forming a unique and heartwarming bond.


Featuring fully voiced and animated scenes, feel each character’s personality and intentions more vividly and naturally as you dive into the story. Each scene was carefully thought out and created to keep you hooked from the very first moment you start your new life.

Sisters: Last Day of Summer will set you back $22.49 and this includes a launch discount.


Steve Baltimore
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