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The previously announced demo for The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak is now available to download for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. While there is no native PlayStation 5 demo, the PS4 demo is playable on PS5. Players will be able to play through the Prologue in the Switch demo while those playing the PS4 demo will be able to also play through Chapter 1. Try out the series’ new battle system which allows you to change between action and turn-based combat on the fly. Save data from the demo can be carried over to the full game once it releases on July 5, 2024. PS4 demo save data will be compatible with the full PS5 version. As mentioned previously, there is no demo for the PC version.

You can check out the demo trailers for both the PS4 and Switch versions below.

PS4 Demo Trailer


Switch Demo Trailer


NIS America describes the game as follows:

About the Game:
In the aftermath of a brief war, Calvard is enjoying unprecedented economic prosperity. However, the public grows uncertain as the number of immigrants increases and questionable political reform runs rampant. Follow the spriggan Van Arkride on a unique request that will prove more than he bargained for. Will the nation fall into chaos?

The Story So Far…

The spriggan’s life is but one of many professions that has emerged from the Calvard Republic. Be it playing detective, negotiator, or bounty hunter, Van Arkride takes on the kind of work that legitimate sources can’t accept. Whether it’s best left out of the public eye or rooted in the dark corners of the underworld, almost any job is open for consideration.

The year is S.1208. A prim-and-proper young lady dressed in the uniform of an esteemed academy visits a rundown multi-tenant building in the Old Town district of Edith, the nation’s capital. With a most dignified gaze, she looks upon the plaque of the door before her. It reads: ‘ARKRIDE Solutions Office: Complicated Matters Only.’

Steeling herself, she knocks on the door three times.

“First thing in the morning…?” a relaxed yet surprisingly young voice grumbles with a yawn.

From the moment he opens the door to greet her, a new tale begins.

Key Details:

  • A Case in Calvard: Follow the spriggan known as Van Arkride as he takes on a case that will change the nation’s fate…as well as his own. Explore the reaches of the Calvard Republic while immersing yourself in a rich story filled with action and intrigue.
  • Spriggan to Action: Transition seamlessly between action field battles and turn-based combat with the revamped AT (Action Time) Battle system, and expand your arsenal with new Shard Skills, courtesy of the sixth-generation combat orbment, Xipha.
  • Between Law and Chaos: Under the Alignment system, your choices and actions affect how your story unfolds. Your propensity towards Law, Chaos, and the shades in-between can influence your status in the city, who will ally with or oppose you, and even what jobs and dialogue options are available to you.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak is developed by Nihon Falcom Corporationa and published by NIS America, Inc. It is scheduled to launch in North America on July 5, 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more information on the game, you can check out its official website and follow NIS America’s official X account.

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