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An exciting weekend for fans of girls’ love visual novels as Studio Élan was cooking at OffKai Expo. The publisher behind the very beautiful Heart of the Woods and Please Be Happy are coming out with a pair of blessed titles. Their names are A Tithe in Blood and Rainbow Valley! The first of which is, in their words, a dark atmospheric mystery written and directed by the great Suriko who worked on Twofold and Katawa Shoujo. The second appears to be a special collaboration between Studio Élan and YouTuber Izzzyzzz that features three strange girls and an even stranger valley. It should be also noted that A Tithe in Blood actually has a demo now available on Steam! Once you’ve checked out the individual synopsis, I encourage you to try it. As always, let us know what you think below.OffKai Expo | A Tithe In Blood

A Tithe in Blood is a dark, atmospheric mystery yuri visual novel. Asakawa Honoka, a university student from Sapporo, escapes her everyday life by using blood magic. This allows her to travel to another world from her own–and with it, she meets the mage named Yasue. However, things in this other world aren’t as they seem…

This yuri visual novel is directed & written by Suriko (Twofold, Katawa Shoujo) with character art by Kobuta (Please Be Happy). There is a demo available to play now on Steam and

OffKai Expo | Rainbow Valley

Fleeing a life that you couldn’t bear, you sought to find a purpose in the mountains. The cold winds called to you and promised adventure. Scraping together your life savings, you flew to a cold, distant place. But adventure has a price. Now you find yourself in a small mountain town as the villagers prepare for the looming winter festival. You will meet three girls, each stranger than the last, and over the course of 7 days you will discover that not all is as it seems in Rainbow Valley.

Rainbow Valley is a collaboration project between Studio Élan and Izzzyzzz, a YouTuber who covers older Internet stories and Y2K nostalgia.

Want more of these lovely announcements from OffKai Expo? Studio Élan actually posted a couple videos of these titles, we’ll leave them right below.

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